5 Materials Every Demolition Contractor Should Recycle

Recycling and Demolition Contractors


The word “demolition” is often associated with the creation of waste. In reality, though, many materials found on demolition sites can actually be reused and recycled. Here’s a list of materials that are commonly recycled after a demolition:

  • Metals: As you may have expected, the most commonly recycled material from demolition sites is metal. This is due to the fact that metals such as aluminum and steel are easily reused in the manufacturing of various products.
  • Concrete: Moving demolished concrete from a demolition site to a land fill can be costly and demolition companies actually save money by choosing to recycle. Concrete can be recycled easily by crushing existing pavement into pieces small enough to be used as an aggregate in cement.
  • Drywall: Also referred to as gypsum drywall, wallboard, and plasterboard, drywall is the most common material used for building interior walls. Interestingly, drywall waste can be reused in a variety of ways. For starters, demolished drywall pieces can be recycled back into drywall manufacturing to create new sheets. Also, because drywall is composed of gypsum, it can be ground and used as a soil amendment.
  • Pipe: Pipes are usually composed of metal, plastic, or PVC, depending on the age of the building. Luckily, all of these materials can be melted down and recycled in the manufacturing of new products.
  • Carpet: Because carpet is comprised of so many different materials (nylon, polyester, and latex to name a few), recycling it can be a difficult and painstaking process. However, there are many companies today who are dedicated to recycling carpet and reducing its impact on landfills. Demolition companies can do their part by making sure that carpet goes into the right hands instead of waste sites.

Does recycling come to mind when thinking of demolition? What materials do you recycle after a demolition? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about demolition and recycling!

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