Is Demolition Cost Effective?

Property owners often resort to demolition in an effort to avoid spending $50,000+ in renovations. Even so, demolishing an entire building can become costly due to raised landfill taxes. In order to avoid these additional costs, demolition contractors have become adept recyclers. Here’s how they do it:

  • Rhino Demo | Demolition ContractorsThe most important step for demolition companies is “source separation.” Because it’s much more difficult to recycle general debris, demolition contractors must separate materials according to where each type of material needs to go. This is tedious work and requires extra attention; however, the payoff is much greater than simply disposing all materials.
  • Once materials are separated, you have to know where to send them. Demolition contractors are specialists at understanding the various markets for recyclable materials. Without these markets, materials would become waste. Recent years have seen the growth of new markets for different materials, meaning demolition companies can reduce waste and disposal cost even more.
  • Recycling is definitely a challenge and requires substantial forethought and consideration. That’s why demolition contractors often produce a “waste management plan” before each project. The waste management plan is a comprehensive document that outlines everything from contact information to methods for keeping records of materials and even cost/benefit assessment. This document enables demolition crews and clients to approach each project with specific goals and procedures in mind, which makes recycling much easier and drives cost down.

If you are considering extensive renovations to your building that cost upwards of $50,000, talk to a demolition contractor like Rhino Demo. Demolition contractors will usually provide a free quote on a complete demolition or an internal strip-out. With the savings that you can receive from recycling the salvaged materials, consulting a demolition expert is definitely worth a call.

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