4 Steps In a Safe & Efficient Demolition

Demolishing a building may seem like a simple task; however, professional demolition companies use highly organized and meticulous methods when they approach each project. Like any well thought out plan, there are specific steps to demolishing or deconstructing a building. Here are a few major steps that must be taken in order to assure efficiency in the demolition process:

1 ) City & State Ordinances – First, demolition companies must be aware of city ordinances that may affect their processes. Every city and area is different, so it’s important that demolition companies do their homework and begin each project with an understanding of their city’s building and demolition codes.

demolition contractors | Rhino Demo2 ) Planning Phase – Because demolition can become a complicated business, most companies spend much time in the “planning phase” before they even set foot on the property. During this phase, project managers plan every part of the procedure, from outlining the demolition process to organizing cleanup, recycling separation, and hauling routes. Project managers also use this phase to address any special problems or needs, such as historic building preservation issues and obtaining waivers, releases, and other necessary documents.

3 ) Demolition Phase – Finally, after much planning and organizing, the demolition phase can begin. This when the building or structure is actually deconstructed according to the methods set forth during the planning phase. Materials are separated according to where they will eventually be sent and special waste such as asbestos and treated wood are handled according to state and federal regulations.

4 ) Post-Demolition Phase – Lastly, there is the post-demolition phase, which involves issuing necessary reports required by the city and inspecting job sites to assure project completion.

While these 4 steps cover the major phases of a safe and efficient demolition, there are many more details involved. Be sure that your demolition contractor is both knowledgeable and experienced before hiring them. Ask if they have ever worked in your area or are familiar with city and state ordinances and regulations as well as what their safety record is.

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