The Evolution of Demolition Tools

We all know that constructing a building requires a vast array of different types of tools, both large and small. But did you know that demolishing a building also calls for very specific pieces of equipment? Of course there are the big tools that everyone imagines at commercial demolition sites: wrecking balls, bulldozers, etc. But demolition contractors also use other tools that are designed for specific aspects of the demolition process. Further, many of these tools have evolved from simple hammers into customized pieces of equipment that make demolitions more safe and efficient.

demolition contractor toolsPry Bars:

In the business of demolition, it’s all about leverage. Literally. Some of the most effective tools used by demolition contrators are those designed to pry between different materials in tight spaces. For instance, the crowbar is a classic example of a tool that uses leverage to separate pieces of material. Over the years, though, tool manufacturers have adapted tools like the crowbar to do specific jobs on the demolition site.

The Nail Jack, for example, is a cross between pliers and a pry bar and is used specifically to dig up and removed embedded nails. The Gutster is a long pry bar that is shaped like a broom with “fang-like” chisels and is used to dislodge flooring or roofing shingles. Not to mention the infamous Wonder Bar—a flat pry bar with a unique shape that has become one of the most versatile tools on demolition sites.

Power Tools:

While many of the tools used in demolition require a little muscle power, there are several types of power tools that make the job go smoother, faster, and safer.  The Demolition Hammer is a small hand-held power tool that resembles a drill; but rather than drilling wholes, this tool uses a sturdy bit to break up materials like tile and flooring. Also, the Pavement Breaker is a classic power tool used to—you guessed it—break up concrete and pavement. These tools allow demolition crews to work more efficiently and safely, spending less time on each facet of the project.
What are demolition tools have evolved from the simple sledgehammer or crowbar? What is your favorite demolition tool to use or watch? Do you recommend a specific brand of demolition tools? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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