4 Things to Inspect Before Starting Your DIY Home Demolition Project

Open concept floor plans are becoming increasingly popular among potential homebuyers and even homeowners. That’s why many of today’s home renovations require taking out the sledgehammers and knocking down a wall or two. While some homeowners embrace the “do-it-yourself” philosophy in order to save money, there are many potential dangers hiding behind the drywall and waiting to turn your DIY project into an unnecessarily expensive venture. Here’s a list of 4 things to inspect before you bring out the heavy hammers:

rhino demo - demolition contractors1 ) Electrical Wiring: Probably the most common unwanted discovery for home demolition projects is electrical wiring. Dealing with rerouting electricity can be time consuming and would require professional help.

2 ) Plumbing: Before you take a sledgehammer to a wall, you may want to check and see if there are any water pipes within the structure. One solid strike to these pipes could result in some serious water damage to your home, not to mention repairing the plumbing.

3 ) Weight Bearing Walls: Some walls act solely as partitions, but others actually do more than separate rooms. Before you begin opening up your living room, make sure that the walls you plan to remove are not actually structural supports. Drywall, paint, and wood paneling act as camouflage for weight bearing walls; so it’s best have a specialist checkout your demo project before your start swinging.

4 ) Asbestos: Many homes built between 1930 and 1950 were insulated with asbestos, a cheap, fire-resistant mineral that also happens to cause various respiratory diseases. Homeowners doing renovations on older homes need to be aware that they could potentially unearth asbestos and would need to have it removed by a professional.

Have you recently changed to or built an open concept floor plan? Are you considering a DIY demolition project? Was tearing down your living room wall the most fun you’ve had in years? Leave us a comment below and tell us your story!

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