4 Warning Signs of Severe Flood Damage

Sometimes, Mother Nature takes her toll on a building—especially in the form of flood water after a large storm. Depending on the severity of damage to the building, it may or may not be salvageable. Just like a home, an industrial building can and will be affected by flood water. Here are 4 warning signs of damage to look for after a disaster hits:

  • Water to Concrete: Unsealed concrete will absorb water, which can make it swell and possibly crack. This will eventually cause the structure itself to age and its durability to fade. The safety of the building maybe questionable after a flood has struck, even after the water has been drained. Once the building’s durability has vanished or becomes insecure, it maybe only a matter of time before the building must be demolished.

flood water damage - demolition contractors

  • Water to Wood: The problem when a flood reaches an exposed piece of wood is the buoyancy of the wood. Water can cause an upward lift of a structure due to the displacement of wood. These uplift forces may be the result of the actual building materials, or due to air on the interior of a tightly built structure. When the buoyant forces associated with the flood surpass the weight of the building’s interior system, the structure may float from its foundation.
  • Foundation: Depending on the strength of the flood that has taken place, a foundation could be deeply affected. Flood waters can have speeds up to 15 miles per hour, which can result in a damaged foundation. After water has seeped into an unsealed foundation,  it can ultimately result in a damaged the foundation. Cracks in the foundation caused from the flood waters can grow and damage the building further or receive an unworthy approval by a building inspector. The final result of severe foundation damage will usually need to be complete demolition of the building.
  • Health Risks: After a flood has occurred, there is a great possibility for certain fungi to grow. One major issue that is cause for concern is something that is known as black mold. This especially occrs when buildings are covered in water for days or weeks at a time and there is no possibility for them to dry out. Often, the best cure for these deep rooted mold is interior strip-out or select demoliton.

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