Concrete Demolition 101

Is your concrete slab, drive, or patio in desperate need of repairing or even replacing? Are you looking for the best and most cost effective way to fix your concrete problems? Many homeowners often try to use patching compounds and resurfacing products in order to repair aging concrete. While these methods can be effective in some cases, there are many circumstances where demolishing concrete is far more cost effective than attempting to repair it. Here are four ways to tell whether or not your concrete slab is a demolition project:

  • Deep, Widespread Cracks: The first thing to look for is deep cracks. Widespread cracking is the most common reason for concrete demolition and can be cause by several different factors including improper sub grade preparation, sub grade erosion, and concrete that was mixed incorrectly.
  • Sunken Slabs: Often rainwater can seep under concrete slabs and cause dirt to erode, leaving the concrete unsupported. Concrete slabs are sometimes built on soil that is too soft to support the weight of large structures. When this happens, concrete is more likely to sink, especially under the pressure of heavy vehicles and machinery.
  • concrete demolition in louisiana | Rhino DemoFrost Heave: While most southern states do not have to worry with frost heave, states in the northern parts of the country are likely to come across frost heave. Typically occurring in colder in environments, frost heave is what happens when moisture in the ground freezes and forces concrete upwards. Slabs that show signs of significant frost heave are sure candidates for concrete removal. If you are not sure if your concrete has frost heave, contact a local demolition company for further examination.
  • Spalling/Pitting: Spalling concrete is concrete that has begun to flake and break apart and generally occurs as concrete slabs weather the elements. Similarly, pitting is also common in aging concrete slabs, and appears in the form of small wholes or “pits” that begin to emerge on the surface. While both of these concrete ailments are usually only damaging in a cosmetic sense, significant pitting and spalling should necessitate complete concrete removal.

In conclusion, remember that most demolition contractors will provide free quotes before beginning a project. If you have sunken slabs, widespread cracks, frost heave, or pitting consult a local demolition contractor before you invest tons of money into fixing your concrete.

Have you recently taken on a concrete demolition project? Do you always look to fix things before you completely demolish them? Did you know that often times demolition projects actually save time and money, rather than increasing your expense?

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