Industrial Demolition: The Compelling Need to Recycle

In today’s society the environment is front in center in many of our minds.  There are many commercial/ industrial demolition companies that offer tremendous recycling benefits when hired for a demolition job. Demolition is often viewed as thing of destruction, but it is in fact often beneficial for the environment. Here’s a list of a few materials that are recycled after an industrial demolition and how they benefit the environment when recycled:

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  • Metal: Recycling metal like steel and copper can reduce greenhouse gas discharge and also uses less energy than making metal from virgin ore. Metal recycling also conserves natural resources and prolongs the earth’s health.
  • Concrete: Like most materials, concrete can be reused after it has been demolished. Smaller concrete can be reused as gravel, dry aggregate for brand new concrete (if free of contaminants), and as an asphalt pavement. Larger pieces of concrete can be reused for erosion control. Its benefits toward the environment are: landfill space, reduction of gravel mining, preservation of water, and also reduction in pollution involved trucking material.
  • Glass: Recycling glass is not only cost effective but it also saves energy. Making new glass requires heating sand and other materials to a high temperature of a few thousand degrees Fahrenheit, which requires a lot of energy and creates a high amount of industrial pollution. By recycling glass, one can save energy and recreate uses for the recycled glass, such as: creating decorative tiling and landscaping material to rebuild eroded beaches.
  • Plastic: The developing of plastics such as PVC involves the largest single use of chlorine gas in the world. Momentous numbers of dangerous, chlorine-derived wastes are produced throughout the duration of PVC and released into the environment. Chlorine production outcomes in the discharge of thousands of pounds of mercury into air, water and land each year. Recycling PVC can decrease the amount of virgin PVC manufactured; thereby lessening the toxic shadow it leaves behind.

Have you recently finished a demolition project? How much material was your demolition contractor able to recycle? Demolition Contractors- what percentage of material do you recycle on average?

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