5 Common Industrial Demolition Tools

Demolition is a necessary and often overlooked part of many project developments. Industrial demolition creates a lot of dust, broken and shattered wood, concrete, and brick. Depending on what you’re demolishing, you may need to use several different tools to finish the job safely and efficiently. Today we’ll take a look at five different tools you may to find on any industrial demolition project:

1 ) Bulldozer: The word didn’t specifically refer to the actual machine until the 1930’s. These are heavy-duty vehicles that are used to distribute and move debris around sites. They are equipped with great engines, caterpillar tracks, and a large blade to push wreckage. Bulldozers are most often used to clear off various materials left over from demolished buildings.

industrial demolition tools2 ) Crowbar: A crowbar is used for minor wooden structures. The most common usage of this is: removing nails, prying apart boards, and generally breaking smaller materials. Made of metal and curved on both ends, the crowbar is helpful in the demolition process for the breaking down of most interior walls.

3 ) Excavator: Consisting of a boom, stick, bucket, and cab; this is used for larger jobs and is a machine consisting of a hydraulic controlled arm on a mobile base until. An excavator demolishes structures by simply the application of force to the building. Sometimes, a grabber or wrecking ball is used instead of the usual excavator bucket. Other names for this are: diggers, JCBs, mechanical shovels or simply a 360. Tracked excavators are sometimes called “trackhoes.”

4 ) Explosives: Explosives are used for large projects. They are placed strategically throughout the structure at the joints of the building; which upon impact, will allow the building to collapse. Once it has collapsed, an excavator or bulldozer is used to move the rubble or debris.

5 ) Sledgehammer: A sledgehammer can be used for demolishing small structures consisting of brick (such as walls). They allow the person using it to exert much greater force than they would normally because of its heavy metal head.

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