Demolition Tools 2: Air Tools

Air Tools in Residential & Industrial Demolition

There are many different types of tools used in residential and industrial demolitions. When one thinks of the equipment used for demolition projects, we often think of larger tools like cranes, wrecking balls and explosives. Smaller tools for demolition jobs are beneficial because of size, manageability, precision, and portability. Air tools (or pneumatic tools) are powered by air (or sometimes a gaseuos mixture). The most popular air tools are hammers, which we have highlighted a few of below:

  • Chipping Hammers: These are very durable and lightweight. They are used for many light demolition jobs, including scaling, chiseling, removing of concrete buildup, and form stripping. They feature a compressed design with D-style handle, making them the ideal tool for tight-space jobs.
  • Paving Breakers: Made of solid steel, and are not equipped for automatic rotary motion. They are heavy-duty air hammers used for the demolition of concrete flooring, pavement, masonry walls, brick decks, and several other construction and paint applications. All models have a T-style handle that secures a superior grip.
  • industrial demoliton tools 2Rivet Busters: Originally designed to cut rivets off metal structures. Known today as strong, powerful tools used for all types of concrete demolition work. They are high impact air hammers intended for cutting rivets off metal constructions such as bridge decks. These resourceful tools are also popular for cutting up underground tanks and other jobs that involve tasks beyond the surface. They attribute a compact design with a D-style handle.
  • Rock Drills: They are used for hollowing out wells, preparing foundations, and mineral exploration. Intended for piercing through granite and hard faced rock, as well as for mining, drilling inferior holes for blasting, and numerous other demolition jobs.

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