Wreck Dat, Recyle Dat – Modern Demolition Contractors

A few months back we released an infographic of common demolition misconceptions. These misconceptions, such as most demolitions include blowing up things, using wrecking balls with every demolition, and demolitions not being green-friendly are difficult ideas to shake.  Images of famous implosions, and YouTube videos of wrecking balls smashing through walls are much easier to remember than the fact that a demolition company like Rhino Demo often recycles more than 95% of demolished materials.

Demolition = Demantle

In the industrial demolition world, we are really dismantlers. One of our very first challenges is to find ways to take apart buildings and other structures without harming parts that can be sold and recycled. Many customers want to show that they are taking down structures in the most environmentally responsible way, and that is what Rhino Demo excels at.  All demolition companies need to be able to mine as much money as possible from the “scrap.”  Is your demolition firm estimating how much it will receive for selling the salvage?

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Demolished Materials = Recycled Materials

This “scrap” material from a demolition may include concrete, bricks, and metal, but those are the easy materials to recycle. Industrial demolition contractors that really stand out are also recycling other materials such as drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, flooring, and carpet. On average the National Demolition Association says there are more than 1,500 demolition companies in the U.S., sifting through 115 million tons of debris a year, about 70% of which they manage to recycle.

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